Now offering quality replica M60 machine guns and M16 rifles for sale. These dummy weapons are produced from a combination of demilled and reproduction parts to build durable but affordable display pieces.

Replica Weapons

M60 Machine Gun

These replicas are constructed using a newly manufactured receiver trunion with demilled receiver and barrel components welded to it. An original butt stock with folding butt plate and sling swivel is attached to the rear of the receiver. A reproduction solid cast top cover is fixed to the top of the receiver. It opens to facilitate a belt of dummy ammo (not included). An original bipod is used (evidence of welding/grinding from reconstructing the demilled parts may be visible). The mounting pins for use with vehicle mounts are included standard on these M60s. Each M60 is tested fitted to a mount to ensure that it will fit when you receive it.

I feel that these are a good alternative to cast resin models which can be fragile and usually aren't ready to be vehicle mounted, or high priced replicas built from parts kits that can cost as much as $2,000-$3,000 or more. Each M60 I sell is shipped with a copy of an ATF letter stating the requirements for a "nonfunctional replica of the M60 machine gun". These are priced at just $1,195 each shipped.


M60C and M60D Machine Gun

M60C replicas (remote fired) and M60D replicas (spade grips) are also available.
Call 770-359-7701 or e-mail for more information.


M60Ds are priced the same as standard models, $1,195 each shipped. E-mail for more information.


M16 Rifle

These realistic looking dummy rifles are assembled on a solid cast receiver. Original parts include the butt stock, pistol grip, hand guards, and a demilled barrel section from the front sight to the flash suppresser.

They are available with either A1 (triangular) $285 or A2 (round) hand guards $315. M16A1 and A2 prices include shipping.

M16A1 Replica Photos

M16A2 Replica Photos


"Rubber Duck" Training Rifles

These are tough molded urethane training rifles with steel barrels and reinforcements in the body of the weapon. They are just like the "rubber duck" training rifles used by the U.S. Military.

Many models available, including M16A2s, M4 carbines with fixed extended and retracted stocks, M4 carbines with working stocks, and M4 carbines with rails that are built to spec to mount optics and other accessories. Other models such as the AK-47 are also available.

Prices start at $225 each including shipping within the continental 48 states. Additional shipping rates apply to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside of the U.S. MINIMUM ORDER 20 PIECES Call 770-359-7701 or e-mail for more information.

This is not a full time business for the manufacturer and these replicas are produced on a limited basis. Depending on the current inventory and which model you request, it may take a few weeks to build it. Most of the original components used in these weapons (M16 barrels and front sights or M60 receiver sections and bipod legs, for example) will show minor pitting from poor storage after being demilled. These parts are refinished and not rusty when shipped.

NOTE: To comply with government laws, all replicas manufactured now will be shipped with the muzzle or flash suppresser painted orange! These replicas are available in the U.S. only. Additional shipping charges may apply to AK or HI. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to comply with state and local laws or ordinances pertaining to ownership, use, and display of replica weapons.

If you would like more information or want to purchase one of these dummy weapons, e-mail me at or call Joe at 770-359-7701.

Thanks, Joe


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