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Our group spread out among the eras on Friday at Ft. McPherson. I haven't posted the WW2 pics from Saturday yet, but this will give you a sampling of some of our other impressions.

Louis Varnell & Brian Mead with Sgt. Lopez.
Sgt. Lopez was a LRRP with the 173rd Airborne Bridage in 1968-1969.

Alex & Rick Joslyn as WW1 Doughboys

Jeff Reed

John McKinnell allows a CW infantryman to try out his WW1 Chauchat Machinegun.

Brian Mead with the BC glasses on.

Jeff Reed, Brian Maddox, Louis Varnell, and Brian Mead

Lucia & Jeff Reed after their ride in Ft. Knox's Sheridan tank.

Louis Varnell in the hatch of the M113


Brian Maddox inside the M113 on the way back to the parking area

Louis Varnell inside the M113

OK, you just gotta use that cheezy "watercolor" filter in photoshop every once in a while.

And another "watercolor painting"


TM-DUH - What NOT to Do.



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