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In the Signal Corps, the two types of batteries most commonly used are the BA-23 and the BA-30. Both of them are particularly adaptable to the various types of flashlights, telephones, radios, telegraph, test-sets and switchboards.

1. Dry-cell.
2. Single Cell.
3. Voltage - 1.5
4. Top (+) Termnial.
5. Bottom (-) Terminal.
6. Light in Weight

1. Dry-cell.
2. Single Cell (Large)
3. Voltage - 1.5
4. Top Center (+) Terminal
5. Top Outside (-) Terminal
6. Heavy and Bulky.


Batteries deteriorate rapidly.
Batteries are often dated. Use the oldest first.
Heat is harmful to batteries.
Batteries must be stored in a dry place.
Remove Batteries from Equipment before storing or when not in use.

Battery Circuits:

A. Connected in Series

B. Connected in Parallel

C. Connected in Series-Parallel


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