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Each branch of the Army has certain things of which it is particularly proud. Those who serve together in any branch usually have a good deal in common. They like to be able to recognize each other. For this reason the uniform includes distinctive marks for each branch. These are two types; colored hat braids and metal collar insignia.

These are the identifying colors of the various arms, services, bureaus, etc.:

Arms, Services Bureaus, etc


Adjutant General's Department

Dark blue piped with scarlet

Air Corp

Ultramarine blue piped with golden orange

Armored units

Green piped with white





Chemical Warfare Service

Cobalt blue piped with golden yellow

Coast Artillery


Corps of Engineers

Scarlet piped with white

Field Artillery


Finance Department

Silver grey piped with golden yellow


Light blue

Inspector General's Department

Dark blue piped with light blue

Judge Advocate General's Department

Dark blue piped with white

Medical Department

Maroon piped with white

Military Intelligence Reserve

Golden yellow piped with purple

Military Police

Yellow piped with green

National Guard Bureau

Dark Blue

Ordnance Department

Crimson piped with yellow

Permanent professors of U.S. Military Academy

Scarlet piped with silver grey

Quartermaster Corp


Signal Corp

Orange piped with white

Specialist Reserve

Brown piped with golden yellow

Tank Destroyer units

Golden orange and black

Transportation Corp

Brick red with golden yellow

Warrant Officers


Women's Army Corps

Old gold piped with moss-tone green



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