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Although this is a war of machines, it is also a war of men. Hand-to-hand combat is an ever-present possibility. To help you take care of yourself in an emergency, we have condensed some excerpts from "Get Tough" - a book written by Major W. E. Fairbairn of the British Army and published by D. Appleton- Century Company of New York. 

The methods of fighting shown here aren’t pretty, but they’re efficient. Just remember that you’ll have to use the same tactics that your enemy uses — only you’ll have to be better.  

First, you should learn that a blow struck with the edge of the hand is much more deadly than a blow from a clenched fist. Always strike with the little-finger edge of the hand, using a chopping action from the elbow (Fig. l). You may swing vertically or sideways, aiming for such points as the sides or back of the wrist; the midpoint of the forearm; the biceps; the sides or back of the neck; the point just below the Adam’s Apple, or the kidneys. Practice this blow by striking your own hand. (Fig. 2.)

ln this fighting style, the counterpart of an uppercut is a jab to the chin, delivered with the heel of the hand (Fig. 4). Wait until you’re close to your opponent, and then drive your hand to his chin, with your fingers extended so as to reach his eyes (Fig.5). Again, you can practice on your own hand.

The chin jab is most (effective when combined with the dirtiest trick of fighting — a knee to the groin. Put the weight of your body on one leg, bend the knee of the other leg slightly, and drive your knee into your opponent’s crotch. (Fig. 7.)

To overcome an enemy sentry, approach your opponent from behind and swing your left forearm against his throat, bearing on the Adam’s Apple.  At the same time, place your right elbow on his right shoulder, and place your right palm on the back of head. Grasp your right biceps with your left hand and apply pressure. This will strangle him. (Fig. 9.)

Should he attempt resistance, change the position of your right hand so that the edge of your hand bears on the back of his head. A sharp pressure will then break his neck. (Fig. 10.)

ln case you should become a prisoner, here’s one way you can escape, using an ordinary penny match box as a weapon. Assume that you’re sitting beside your captor, with a gun in your ribs. Grasp the box in your far hand, holding it as shown. (Fig. ll.) Quickly turn toward your opponent, sweeping the gun away with the near arm. Swing the clenched fist holding the match box so that it strikes your opponent behind the ear. Keep the arm straight, and make the movement as quickly as possible. (Fig. 12.) This usually results in a knockout blow. To break a front strangle hold, grasp your opponent’s right elbow with your loft hand. With your right hand, reach across his arms and seize his right wrist. (Fig. 14.) Bear down on his left arm and swing his other arm toward your right side. (Fig. 15.) At the same time turn your body rapidly to the right. Finish up with an edge-of-the-hand blow to his right elbow. (Fig. 16.)

If he still shows signs of a fight, finish him off with the "Bronco Kick." This consists of a flying jump at your opponent. When jumping, bend your knees, (Fig. 17), then when your feet are approximately eight inches above your opponent’s body, straighten your legs, drive your heels into him and kill him. (Fig. 18.)





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