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Barbed wire is a ticklish proposition. It is put there to stop prowlers, like you. But a well-trained member of a patrol doesn't mind barbed wire much because he knows how to handle it. If possible, he crosses it by walking carefully over the low strands and crawling under the higher strands. If this is impossible, he cuts the wire.

If you are alone, grasp the wire close to the post and cut it between the hand and the post, muffling the sound, and keeping the loose wire in your grasp.
When two of you are working together, one holds the wire firmly, close to the wire-cutter to muffle the sound, while the other cuts the wire. Each soldier then bends back a loose end to allow passage. The real secret of a successful night operation is to be found in scouting the land during daylight hours. Then when you go out on a night patrol you know where you are going and can move quickly and efficiently at a time when quickness and efficiency are of vital importance.


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