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In many ways a well-trained squad in Extended Order resembles any smoothly clicking college football squad.

It's up to the squad leader (or quarterback) to correctly gauge the situation and call for the most effective formation to meet it.

At his signal, the ends swing wide, the line shifts to the left or right (deployment as skirmishers) or the whole squad reverses its field or drives forward as a flying wedge.

Scouts, squad leaders and assistant squad leaders maneuver like any backfield group and sometimes, in a pinch, the whole squad will gang up on the opposition to shake loose the one man who has been especially trained to make the prize play. This might be getting important information back to the troops in the rear.

Frequently, as in broken field running, the man finds himself "on his own" and he must know the tricks of the game if he is to succeed. Many human lives often depend upon the success of his mission.

He cannot afford to underestimate an enemy who has already shown a bag of tricks which includes a wide variety of sneak plays. He has to be well prepared and' know most of the answers. That is why Extended Order is an important phase of Basic Training and the smart soldier will endeavor to learn it well.

Our goal in training should be to acquire the greatest degree of efficiency with the maximum of individual and group security.


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