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Requisites of a Good Clerk

  1. Be a neat soldier.
  2. Be a courteous soldier, especially over the telephone.
  3. Be helpful to your associates.
  4. Keep your desk neat.
  5. Never place official papers in the desk drawers.
  6. Never call for a report if the information is at hand.
  7. Never practice idle conversation in the office.
  8. Try to answer your own questions; check files first, but don't hesitate to ask your superiors.
  9. Never fail to bring errors to the attention of the responsible party.
  10. Get a good ash tray and use it.
  11. Never leave work overnight that can be done today.
  12. Neatness in correspondence makes a good clerk.
  13. Simplify your work.
  14. THINK--it pays.
  15. Obey orders
  16. Read correspondence after preparation.
  17. Check lists are superior to memory.
  18. Clerks in the companies expect the right answers.

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