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The following photos were take at the Island Excursion 2006. The scenario is that a Aircraft was downed in foul weather. A rescue party made up of Marines with attached Army personnel was dispatched to find the survivors & return them to friendly lines. The scenario is fictional, but based on operations in the Pacific in WW2.

Both the rescue party & the aircrew were carried to the island by separate boats. The Marines were dropped off on west shore, where they linked up with the local Austrailian Coastwatchers. The survivors were dropped off at the southern point of the island. All tentage(shelter halves), rations, personal items for the weekend were carried by the participants.

The Marine/Army rescue party, guided by two local Austrailian Coastwatchers, had a 3-4 mile march to get to the coast. The survivors marched 2.5-3 miles up the coast from their "crash site". All rations were either captured Japanese rations found at the abandoned camp, or K-Rations procured from Todd Hogan. The survivors carried their survival gear & minimal personal belongs...basically what they would have been carrying on the aircraft or items that could be salvaged from the aircraft. The rescue party carried additional rations, etc for the survivors.

Weather Advisory: Hollandia Airdrome. A large system is forming north and east of the Central Mountain Range extending from Wewak in the south to Wadke in the north. Aircraft should take precaution and avoid this area if possible from 1300 until 1800. 7 Sep 1944, 1000 hrs.

Group Photo

Aircraft Wreckage Reported: Seeadler Harbor, Manus Island, 0600, 8 Sep 1944. Coastwatchers 50 miles SE of Admiralty Group report recent AC wreckage spotted off coast of island referred in Japanese communications as "Osaba Jima". This area was until recently heavily defended by enemy and current strength is unknown. Rescue aircraft temporarily unavailable. Due to regular afternoon enemy aircraft patrols known to occur in this area, a small rescue party will be sent out early 9 September by boat to determine condition and recovery of survivors with assistance of coastwatchers. Island will be deemed secure before return of rescue party.


Survivors Ashore Rest & get your bearings... On the Move Are they friend or foe?

Alex with the Rations Marines on the Move Phil Brinson Take Five Coastwatcher Gathering Firewood Survivors Rest Steve Price Phil Brinson beside a shipwreckresting Phil hydrating Brian Mead Nick Stergius Bo Turocy Nick Asleep in his hammock Brian Mead Bo TurocyMmm, Breakfast...

Marching back home... Still Marching Navigator pointing out landmark
Group Photo


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