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All photos were taken by Brian Mead at the Liri Valley Tactical in Ocala Florida. The tactical took place on Jan. 12-15 2001.
I took all the photos using an original Kodak 35 camera. This camera was produced from 1938-1948. After the end of WW2, the camera was upgraded with an improved viewfinder and other improvements. My camera has the earlier style viewfinder - therefore is probably a wartime production.

2nd Rangers and AirborneEdward and Rus on the Sat Morning AmbushBrian Brian, Steve, and Rus Canadian Officer British Airborne Pam OttesenOn to Rome! PartisansMore PartisansOn WatchRus watching the rear flankSteve BrownSteve BrownSteve watching the flankRed Cross Jeep Patrol heads offKrauts after the battle

All Photos © Brian Mead 2001
For info or any question, please email Brian

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