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The following is from a 1944 Fort Benning (Infantry School) student reference text. Among other things, it lists the doctrinal equipment load for the one (yes, one) Jeep and Trailer authorized in the LMG Section (Weapons Platoon) of the Infantry Rifle Company. Remember, there's ONE Jeep in the LMG section and everybody else gets to ride the "LPC" (Leather Personnel Carrier = boots)...

1 x .50 M2 MG
1 x M31 Pedestal Mount
1 x M5 Repair Chest w/Parts for .50
660 Rds .50 Ammunition
2 x M1919A6 .30 LMGs
2 x M5 Repair Chests w/Parts for .30s
16 x Chests of .30 Ammunition (4000 rds)
3 x M9 Bazookas
18 x 2.36" Bazooka Rockets (with 9x M6 carrying bags)
6 x Packboards (and you thought those things were worthless!!)
2 x 15'x15' Camouflage Nets
1 x SCR300 "Walkie-Talkie"
1 x M-1 Gas Alarm
1 x 12 Unit First Aid Kit
3 x AP-50A Recognition Panel Sets
4 x M1942 Asbestos Mitts (for barrel changing... Mmmm, Mmmm)
1 x .45 Auto Cleaning Kit (M1916 Squad Cleaning kit I'm guessing)
1 x Pr M1943 Goggles with Red Lenses

"Approximate weight of load: 1165 lbs".....

PLUS all the crap carried by the driver, the gunner (and whoever else jumped aboard), the vehicle gear (tools etc.)...

Note that the M-3 Tripod is missing. In fact, all of the authorizations checked in this pub that list the M-31 mount do not authorize the M-3 Tripod. That surprised me, but looking at this heaping load there probably was no room left!!!

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