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Personal Equipment

  1. Instrument case and medical pouches; flaps underneath, tags and pencil pulled up.
  2. Medical suspender; no space between suspender and shelterhalf.
  3. Two cantle straps and 2 litter caarrying straps.
  4. Raincoat. 8 1/2" x 10" folded flush to edges of shelterhalf.
  5. Shelterhalf and blanket.
  6. Tent pins; begin 1" from pole.
  7. Tent pole; end with nail toward inspecting officer.
  8. Shirt; flush to edges of shelterhalf.
  9. Drawers; half over shirt.
  10. Handkerchief; to bottom edge and center of drawers.
  11. Web pistol belt, first aid pouch.
  12. Tent rope.
  13. Canteen pouch.
  14. Haversack; no space between it and suspender flaps.
  15. Meat can cover; 1" from handle.
  16. Shoe laces, neatly rolled.
  17. Canteen cup; line up with the outer edge of middle buckle and edge of canteen.
  18. Meat can, knife, fork, and spoon, "U.S." up, handle 1" from edge of haversack.
  19. Toothpowder.
  20. Socks. heels to left of inspector, bottom of sock toward him, toes apart.
  21. Shaving brush.
  22. Shaving stick.
  23. Razor.
  24. Razor blades.
  25. Toothbrush.
  26. Comb.
  27. Soap.
  28. Towel; fold extends to edge of haversack only.
  29. Handaxe.
  30. Canteen. line up with edge of haversack and edge of meat can.
  31. Helmet.
  32. Field ration.
  33. Gas mask.

Barracks Inspection


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