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Picture 1

Picture 2

This attachment is used for various types of boxes, cans and other square loads.


The cargo attachment flange is slipped on to the lower edge of any of the openings as shown in Pictures 1 and 2.

Picture 3

Use of the Quick Release Buckle:

Slip the straps with the quick release buckles through the necessary sets of hook openings and around the packboard. (see Pictures 3 and 4). Bring the straps around the loads so that the buckle lies as in picture 4. Place the metal hook on the bar of the clamp. Pull up the loose end of the strap to take up slack, and throw the clamp to secure the buckle. To release quickly, jerk on the loose end of the strap.

Picture 4

Loading the Packboard:

SEt the load on the packboard with the bottom of the load resting on the cargo attachment. Use quick release straps around each part of the load, or lash loads to board with any suitable rope or cordage. (See Picture 5 & 6.)

Picture 5

Picture 6


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