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Image above is from an original WW2 postcard

Soldiers have always used humor to make the best of a bad situation. Reenactors are definitely not soldier, but we still like to poke fun at ourselves & at our adversaries. I am no different!


This is one of my early photo modifications. Nothing too complex here. Just white out the original drawing & insert the text of your choice.

I took these photos at the Atlanta History Center on Memorial Day 2003. Since I had the only vehicle, we had to set up outside while the rest of the living historians set up inside the museum. ...so, Frank Edwards & I decided to have a little fun! Two pics, a little photoshop, and voila! Instant identical twins!

Click the photos to the left to see the full size verison.

Heck, it worked so good, we decided to try it again the next day. The first picture is EIGHT copies of me!

The second picture is Louis Varnell as a squad of VN era Marines on patrol.


This one was done entirely in Photoshop. I bought some Photoshop actions that included a few food related filters. Take any line art, apply the filter & you've got instant food! With all the fat reenactor jokes out there, I just had to get my punch in!

Stay tuned for more...

In the mean time, check out the 502nd WIDOWMAKERS website for some GREAT WW2 reenacting cartoons!


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