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There will be times when we wear the dress or "class A" uniform. That is when personal decorations or awards are worn.

Whenever functioning as a member of the 29th ID, no personal achievement awards or decorations (i.e. Silver Star, Purple Heart, CIB, etc.) will be worn unless that member has personally earned them, or an equivalent, throught prior military service. Decorations such as campaign ribbons or shooting qualification badges may be worn when historically correct. Keep in mind that the 29th Division (as a whole) saw no combat prior to June 6, 1944. So combat awards would not generally be seen unless the time frame that is being depicted is post D-Day. No ribbons of post-1945 viantage will be worn. Those with prior service wishing to wear your ribbons should attempt to find reasonable period equivalents for the post World War 2 decorations.

As a whole, the 29th Division was authorized to wear the American Defense Ribbon (sometimes called the Pre-Pearl Harbor Ribbon), and the European Theater of Operations Ribbon. There is still some debate about the American Theater Ribbon as the 29th Division did not have the requisite one year on duty (post Dec 7, 1941) in the Continental US. Different books list different ribbons. Those members who participated in the 1994 D-Day beach landing reenactment wear the Beach landing arrowhead. The Distinguished Unit Citation was awarded to the 3 Infantry regiments.

The following units received the Distinguished unit Citation:
115th, 116th, 1st Bat 116, 1st bat 175th, 121 Engineers. The 115 and 116 got it for D-Day,; 1st Bat 116 for battle at Vire, France on 7-8 August 1944,; 1st bat 175 for St Lo 16-18 June 1944, 121st for D Day.

The 29th Div got the [French] Croix de Guere with Palm.
1st Bat 115 CDG with Silver Star,
1st Bat 116, 1st Bat 175, 2nd Bat 175 cdg with silver gilt star.
The Croix d Guerre was awarded July 1946



American Campaign
American Defense
Good Conduct
Europe, Mid East, Africa
Distinguished Unit Citation


Post WW2

French Croix de Guerre
Awarded to some of the 29th Infantry Division in 1946
Victory WW2


Other Pre-WW2 and WW2 Era Ribbons

Here are some other ribbons here that would be of interest for impressions other than 29th ID.

Victory WW1
Occupation WW1
Belgian Croix de Guerre
This denotes service in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps before they enlisted in the Women's Army Corp


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