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A. You ALWAYS Salute Out of Doors except under the following circumstances:

  1. You do not salute in ranks.
  2. You do not salute when on a work detail unless you are in charge of the detail.
  3. You do not salute when either you or the officer are engaged in Athletics.
  4. You do not salute when driving government vehicles.
  5. You do not salute -under simulated campaign condtions (except when reporting to an officer.)

B. You NEVER salute IN DOORS except when reporting to an officer or when under arms.

C. You ALSO Salute under the following circumstances:

  1. If outdoors during the Retreat Ceremony and not in formation, you will face the National Flag, stand at attention and salute while "To the Colors" or the "National Anthem" is being played, (You will hold the salute until the last note is sounded.)
  2. If outdoors and not during retreat ceremony and the National Anthem is being played, you will face the band and salute.
  3. When personal honors are rendered ("General's March" is played) all officers and men not in formation will salute and remain in that position until the completion of the ruffles, flourishes and march.


When to Salute


A. The Salute is rendered in a smart and military manner:

B. When you execute the Salute you turn your head so you can observe the Officer and look him straight in the eye:

C. The Saute is always rendered from the position of Attention:

How Not to Salute

These are a few of the mistakes in Military Courtesy that Clem made during his first few weeks in Camp Crowder. Study them and be sure that You Don't Make the Same Mistake Yourself:

Clem Forgot to Take His Hat Off!
(Reporting Indoors - Always remove head dress except when under arms.)

Clem Saluted on the Run

Clem's First Idea of a Good Salute

Our Hero Salutes with a Cigarette in his Mouth

This will work, sometimes. NOT RECOMMENDED



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