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These are photos I bought while in Pennsylvania in January 2002. They are all labeled in the same handwriting, so they presumable come from the same soldier.

Individual Equipemtn M1 Helmet Gas Mask and Bag Rifle (1903 or M1) Mess kit Canteen M1928 Pack Canteen Cup Tent Stakes Carlisle Bandage First Aid Pouch Canteen Cover Rain Coat Tent Rope Pup Tent Pole Spare Underclothes Tooth Powder Shaving Cream Shaving Brush Razor Razor Blades Tooth brush Comb Soap M1 Ammunition Belt Blanket and Shelter Half Soap Comb Tootbrush Razor Blades Socks Shoe Brush Shoe Polish Spare Belt Shoe Polish Brush Brasso or Blitzcloth Handkercheifs FM 21-100, Pay Record, Bible Talcum Powder or Deodorant, Shaving Cream or Mug, and Foot Powder Brass Padlock
Paris June 1945

Montmedy France April 29 1945
our barracks and garage can be seen to the left of the picture
(note: the 2 story building with the white 2nd story is circled on the back of the picture)

Montmedy Haut - France April 29 1945

April 29 1945
Montmedy Haut - Pvt Parris

Taken May 6 1945
Luxemburg - Parade and 1st appearance of Grand Duchess Charlotte was held this day.
I took color movies at this same spot.

Luxemburg May 8 1945
Left to right
Pvt Paris - Pvt Mergel - Cpl Landis

May 6 1945
Luxemburg - Pvt. Parris

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