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During the weekend, I participated in a video shoot for scenes in upcoming episodes for a series on the Military Channel. Some scenes were historical recreations, and some scenes involved live firing the weapons at a local firing range.

Rev War British

Brian Mead raising a paper mâché head to try to expose a german sniper.


L to R: Frank Edwards, Brian Mead, John McKinnell, Benjamen Salata
US WW2 Sniper

Thomas Hill portraying a WW2 paratrooper

Benjamen Salata (L) and Frank Edwards (R)

Virginia Stieghan portraying a WW2 Russian Sniper

WW2 Russian SniperWW2 Russian Sniper

Brian Mead

Marine Sniper
Matt Rhodes portraying a Marine Sniper

US SniperUS SniperUS SniperUS SniperUS SniperUS SniperVC Sniper



Photos from the Firing Range

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