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Defense Against Chemical Attack

Gas has not been used extensively so far in this war, but if it should be used, you MUST be able to protect yourself.

Gasses to REMEMBER

Gas Odor
Effect on Body
Mustard Garlic
Burns the skin, attacks the lungs.
Lewisite Geraniums
Burns the skin, attacks the lungs.
Phosgene New Mown Hay
Attacks the Lungs
Chlorpicrin Sweetish, Like Fly-paper
Attacks the Lungs
(Tear Gas)
Causes eyes to water


Gas Mask Drill


Hold your breath, Sling Helmet on left arm and open the carrier.

Gring facepiece up smartly in front of face, chin high. Grasp the facepiece firmly between thumb & forefinger.

Dig chin into the chinpocket of mask, Carry the head-harness back over head with thumbs.

Straighten the head-harness, molding to edges to the facepiece to the face, forming a tight seal.

Blow the mask clear.

Replace hat, check mask and fasten the mask carrier.


Before Removing and Replacing Mask, ALWAYS Test for Gas


Take a moderately full breath, exhale part of the air breathed, and stop breathing. Stoop, bringing the face as close to the ground as possible without touching any part of the person or equipment to the ground. Insert two fingers at the right hand between face and facepiece near the cheek to permit air to enter at that point. Sniff gently but do not inhale. Re sume position and clear the facepiece.
If no gas is detested, remove the helmet with the left hand and with right hand grasp the diaphragm assembly and remove. Sling mask over left shoulder and replace helmet.
Regrasp mask by diaphragm assembly. Fold hose in facepiece and insert in carrier, By shaking carrier with both hands, settle hose and facepiece into position in carrier. Refasten carrier.


Clem says:

Don't move about unnecessarily during a gas attack.

Don't talk unnecessarily during a gas-attack.

Don't bandage the eyes of a gas casualty.

Remove a gas casualty immediately from the contaminated area.

Keep a gas casualty quiet. Make him lie down.



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