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So you're in the Army! You've had your fears and doubts, your cheers and kidding, your tears and farewells. Now, as the boys say, "This is it!"

You're somewhat of a different person already. You're not "that sweet little Smith girl from Sycamore Street" nor "that awfully capable Mrs. Smith" any more. Now you're Mary Smith, enlisted woman (EW), seventh grade (private) Women's Army Corps (WAC), Army of the United States (AUS). Now you are -- for the duration and 6 months -- a soldier.

Naturally you are now full of enthusiasm and hope -- yet, just as naturally, you have some questions on your mind. "Can women be good soldiers?" may be one, and another: "Can I prove myself in the new situations I'm going to meet?"

The answer is to the first of these is a simple and straightforward "Yes." The Wacs who have already served in this country and abroad have settled that matter to more than the satisfaction of everyone. The answer to the second is that you can be a good soldier, too. The Army is not going to place upon you any unbearable burden of work, is not going to demand any degree of skill which it cannot teach you on the job, is not going to expect of you an standard of conduct which you would not want to meet anyway.

You have chosen to be a soldier. Clearly you will do all you can to make yourself a good one, so that your new life will be a good life.

So will the Army.

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