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Aunt Dorothy was my Grandmother's younger sister. A few times a year we would go to visit her when we went to Long Beach, N.C. for vacation. I always enjoyed hearing her stories from WW2, and often bragged to my friends about my aunt who was in WW2.

A couple years ago I received a copy of our family history that one of her sisters had put together. In it were Aunt Dorothy's letters home, the waceteer, and newspaper clippings. Together they give a glimpse of what it was like for her during her time in the WAAC/WAC.

In the spring of 1944 she submitted the writings for publication. The War Department did not feel there was sufficent interest in the subject to use rationed paper on. Hopefully now people with sufficient interest can find this page instead.

Thanks, Brian Mead

Refusal Letter

Waceteer Vol I

Waceteer Vol II

Newspaper Articles about Dorothy Wain

Letters Home


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