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original - Ebay
repro - Darren Byrnes
repro ration packaging - WW2 Ration Technologies


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Basic Soldier Paperwork

Paybook: Cover, Inside front, Inside back
Essential item to be carried by every enlisted man. You would require this to be paid, so soldiers were never seen without one.
The cover is printed on heavy beige paper. Inside pages are plain white paper.
ir early
Immunization Record: Early(A)
Another essential item. This was a record of all immunizations, etc.
Printed on plain white paper.
ir late

Immunization Record: Late(A)
Printed on plain white paper.
Original late war IR thanks to David Spencer

soldier id

Early War Soldier's ID: Outside, Inside
The original ID card was printed on a pigskin textured brown paper. You can see where the paper has worn & the fabric reinforcement is visable. The interior is a beige paper. To make this card, print the outside on brown textured paper & the inside on beige paper. Spread glue on the entire back of both pieces of paper & sandwich a piece of muslin between the two. Stack a few books on top of this for a few days to let it dry. (make sure to protect the books from the moisture of the glue) Then, score along the two vertical folds, trim to size & fill out.

medic id

Early War Medic's ID
Bi-fold ID card for Medics.
Constructed the same as the Early War Soldier's ID listed above.
original thanks to Alain S. Batens.


eto id

ETO Enlisted Men's Identification Card: Front, Back (A)
This is the ID card issued for soldiers fighting in the ETO.
Printed on beige card stock
original thanks to Stuart Jarman

mvo permit
Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit - click HERE to see the original vs. repro
Basically a WW2 USGI driver's license. Required if you plan to operate any US Government vehicles. You would only be signed off on the vehicles which you were qualified & required to drive.
Printed on light blue card stock.

Pocket Stuffers

Army Hit Kit, Augst 1944: This was a "morale booster" type handout. It had the lyrics to popular songs (and this one also has the French National Anthem). The original came from the collection of a soldier stationed in Sicily.

Temporary Passes & Change of Address Forms
em pass
Enlisted Men's Temporary Pass
The most common temporary pass. This was the pass issued for a standard two or three day pass. If you were heading off base for a visit into town, you would have this on you.
Often these were kept as souvenirs of a particularly good time! ;^)
Printed on plain white paper.
eto temp
ETO Temporary Pass
ETO version of the pass above.
Printed on plain white paper.
class a
Class "A" Pass
Given for "Exemplary Conduct". The class "A" pass allows the holder to be absent from his organization when not on duty. Probably only the squared away, GI soldiers would have one.
Printed on White Card Stock
coa form
Change of Address Form: Normal
Sent out when you've changed addresses. New unit, new station, in hospital, etc.
irc coa Change of Address Form: Reception Center
Issued when a soldier reports to the Reception Center. (joined the armed forces)

Weapons & Ammo

.30 Caliber Ammo Box - artwork by Josh Bullock
Ammo Dividers


Blasting Caps Box - artwork by Josh Bullock

Nitrostarch Explosive Box - artwork by Josh Bullock

Ration Cards, Ration Items, and Food Labels
1943 Ration Issue Card
eto ration
1944 ETO Ration Card(A)

Charms Candy Label - Click HERE to see the repro compared to original
These candys were an issue item. My original came out of an original lifeboat ration. These were also part of the Paratrooper's Ration.

I made the inner wrapper from a piece of typing paper. It should actually be a slick paper about the weight of typing paper. Use a piece 4.5"x3.5".

You can purchase Charms Candy by the 20 ct case from Discount Candy.

Wrigley's PK Gum Wrapper
razor blades
Razor Blade Covers
This is the individual razor sleeve for a double edge razor blade.
razor box
Gillette GI Issue Razor Box
Box for the USGI issue double blade razor.
gem bladesgem blades

Gem Razor Blades - Special "Service" Pack
Box for five single edge razors blades
Sleeve for individual single edge razor blades

Nestles Wrapper
original thanks to David Spencer

Chelsea & Camel Cigarettes with Overseas tax stamp


Condom Box
Be prepared for that night out on the town! Don't damage government property!
original thanks to Jeff Reed


Civilian Can Labels
Good for the stateside mess tent, or if you've received a favorite canned food in a package from home.

Lima Bean Can
Hominy Can

Corn Can
Applesause Can

Early June Peas Can


Christmas Card NEW
Based on an original card from the 90th Infantry Division.
(I removed the 90th Division logo from the soldier's sleeve, and from the back of the card)
A great way to send the holiday greetings home...or to your reenacting buddies!

Clerk's Forms
parachute log

Parachute Log Record - This form will be initiated for each parachute at the time it is first packed for service use, by the activity to which assigned, and will be carried in the pocket of the parachute pack assembly and continued as outlined in A.A.F. Reguation 15-46.

Artwork created by: Samuel PATRIS FRANCE

Signal Corp Message Envelope - Original thanks to Chad Phillips NEW
Memorandum Receipt
train ticket
Military Train Tickets
Statement of Charges - If any article of public property is lost, damaged, or destroyed by the fault or negligence of an officer or enlisted man, he will be required to pay the value. During an inspection, if there are shortages when checked against individual's clothing and equipment record, the officer reports an itemized memorandum to the unit personnel officer. The unit personnel officer fills out this form (in triplicate, each copy signed by soldier, 1 copy to company commander, one to supply officer, one to personnel officer) to deduct the cost of the property and to allow issue of new equipment to the soldier.
Statement of Account
Report of Investigation
Unsatisfactory Equipment Report
original thanks to Chad Phillips
pow tag
Prisoner of War Tag: Front, Back (A)
driver trip ticket
Driver Trip Ticket - Early War
driver trip ticket
Driver Trip Ticket - 1943
auth pay

Authorization for Allotment of Pay - Form used to specify payment of allotment of money from soldier's pay. Classes of Allotments are:
Class D - By officers, Army nurses, warrant officers, and enlisted men for support of families, payment of premiums on U.S. Government Life Insurance, but not National Service Life Insurance.
Class E - By officers, Army nurses, warrant officers and enlisted men for payment of insurance premiums to commercial life insurace companies, and for the support of families.
Class F - By enlisted men to pay their part of the allowance made for support of dependents under the Servicesmen's Dependents Allowance Act of 1942.
Class N - For payment of premiums on National Service Life Insurance
Class A pay reservation - For the purchase of U.S. Government War Bonds and Stamps.
Duplicate retained by unit personnell officer
Original goes to Chief of Finance

irc cert
Certificate of Completion from Infantry Replacement Center
Promotion Certificate
Original thanks to Stuart Jarman
cmr 1927-1943 Company Morning Report
There are six files. They are paired into front/back page sets. 1/2, 3/4, 5/6.
This form REQUIRES a printer which can handle 8.5"x17". My printer can not handle that, so I haven't been able to test the form at final size.

When cut down, (cut along red lines) you'll have 5 pages which are 3.75"x17". These will be folded in half, and stapled with one staple along the spine of the form.

You need to install the .zip file of fonts before loading & printing the form.
Turn OFF the "Shrink", "Expand", and "Auto-Rotate" check boxes in the print popup.

This form was originally printed on a heavy off-white paper stock. (like resume paper)


Welcome to the Army! - Handout given to new recruits on their first day at the Reception Center at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri

Print on 8.5"x14" paper

qual eib
Qualification for Expert Infantry Badge - Form use to record recruit's pass/fail status for requirements for EIB. - very late war form.
western union
Western Union Telegram - Form used for Western Union Telegram. Good for stateside messages from home, or great item for the civilian.
western union
Western Union Telegram Envelope - Envelope for above telegram - Original thanks to Chad Phillips - NEW

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